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When you enter our Indian restaurant in Berlin or our Indian Catering , on the menu you will often find the term “Tandoori”. This is by no means a special dish, an ingredient or a spice, but a traditional preparation. Tandoori or Tandoor is the English spelling for the word Tandur. Tandur is basically on an oven, which is heated with charcoal on the bottom and filled from above. “.


Traditionally, the tandoori dishes originate from this furnace (Clay Oven or Tandoor), which is used both in India as well as other regions of Central Asia. Even the Turkish and Arabic cuisines are prepared using tandoor, but the Indian cuisine is very much popular for this cooking method. Of course, the delicious and perfectly spiced tandoori dishes are also available at our restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg.

Which dishes are prepared in Tandoor?

The popular flatbreads and tandoori naan are classical for Indian tandoori dishes. Mostly all Tikka dishes are prepared in the tandoor and for some meat dishes like chicken tikka or tandoori chicken, it is mandatory to cook in tandoor.

HOW ARE tandoori dishes SEASONED ??

In some places, the term is not only related to the Tandoori preparation method, but also the marinade, that gets its flavor with the meat. A Tandoori Masala mainly contains coriander seeds, cumin and chilli, which are pounded thoroughly before use. Those who opt for tandoori chicken, can look forward to the marinade with yoghurt, to garlic, onion, ginger, salt and lemon juice are added. Occasionally, saffron is used in the recipe preparation for a tasty red coloration.

The mix Tandoori Spices (Masala) is originally from the Indian state of Rajasthan in the northwest of the country.


The mix Tandoori Spices (Masala) is originally from the Indian state of Rajasthan in the northwest of the country. The region is well known for its various vegetarian dishes and chilli spices.

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