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In an Indian restaurant and catering in Berlin, Curry dishes must be offered. The term “Curry“, which has become popular worldwide, holds many meanings behind its name. The term “curry” comes from Hindi which simply means gravy. Whoever orders a dish with curry, can look forward to a distinctive flavor resulting from a blend of spices. In some regions in India, Curry also means either a Curry-Recipe or the leaves of the curry tree.


Our Indian restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg naturally offers a whole range of dishes with curry. The curry spice mixture is made up using 13 components. A central component and coloring agent is turmeric, but moreover also includes cumin (cumin), coriander, Fenugreek and black pepper, which are mixed with other powdered spices.

indische curry bestandteile
Key Ingredients for Curry Powder


The term “curry” comes from Hindi which simply means gravy.

Whoever orders a dish with curry in our Indian restaurant in Berlin, should happily look forward to different flavors. The differences may occur due to regional nature and also depends on whether vegetables, meat or fish are seasoned. Among the other ingredients that end up in Curry, also includes in accordance with varying proportions of ginger powder, garlic powder, asafoetida, cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, cardamom green and black, mustard, nutmeg and blossom, pepper, cayenne pepper and long pepper. Those who prefer spicy, chooses for the traditional Madras curry which is cooked using good amount of chilli and is generally very spicy.


Among the many exotic flavors of Indian cuisine, curry has quickly found a permanent place in European cuisine. It started with the British colonialists who created the English curry mixture in the 18th century, which remained in terms of spiciness a little behind than the Indian originals Masalas. In Germany, the spicy mixture is mainly known by the Currywurst, but don’t worry, we do not have this dish on our Menucard.

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