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Especially vegetarians, who find their way into our Indian restaurant in Berlin, look forward to Dal Recipies. The short term, which also appears in spellings like Daal or dhal refers to a kind of porridge made from pulses, mostly from lentils. In India, Dal is considered as a staple food and is an integral part of everyday cuisine. Dal is very important food since many people are vegetarian in India. The Lentils contain Vitamin-B and are a good source of proteins, which is usually found in meat dishes.


If you order Dal in our Restaurant, you will be served with finely tuned delicacies of lentils. The special feature is that the Daal peels are removed before cooking and it is thoroughly cooked. The result is a veritable mash, thanks to spices like cumin, garlic, chilli, ginger or onion and coriander seeds which trigger a genuine explosion of flavors. Occasionally, the lentils are fried well before cooking to bring out even more flavor.

indische curry bestandteile
Gewürzmischung für Curry Pulver

Der Begriff „Curry“ stammt aus dem Hindi und bedeutet zunächst einmal lediglich Soße.

WHAT Kind of DAL Dishes ARE THERE?

In most cases, Dal is made of lentils. However, there are an abundance of alternatives that exist for example mung beans, yellow peas, chickpeas or kidney beans or pigeon peas. The list could be extended, so that hundreds Dal dishes can occur in combination with various legumes and condiments to any size.


An advantage of Dal is its versatility. Depending on how you seasoned this Indian delicacy, you can easily turn Daal into substantial winter dish or light summer dish. Raisins and cinnamon are mainly in the winter months, while lemon or tomato can be used mostly during hot summer days.


Daal in our Indian restaurant in Berlin is not only delicious but also very healthy. Firstly, the legumes are fat-free and secondly according to many nutritionists, Dal is an effective means for the prevention of atherosclerosis. Finally Dal is also ideal for digestion and should definitely be tried.

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