Indian Chapati Bread

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The name ” Chapati ” comes from Hindi and means no more than no bread. Strictly speaking, it is an unleavened flatbread of whole wheat flour. Nothing is more basic, simple and pervasive in kitchens across India than griddle breads. Chapati or Roti is considered one of the basic foodstuffs in the north of India. Interestingly, the Chapati was exported to East Africa, so the delicious specialty is on the menu in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. In an Indian restaurant in Berlin , of course, the Chapati bread can not be missed, although we use the term Roti.

Specialty from the clay oven

Chapati can be prepared in different ways. In Vedis we do not use the often used iron-plate called Tawa, but our Tandoor, the clay oven. Like Chapati, the Naan is cooked on the hot side walls of the clay oven and once cooked, it is then pulled out of the oven with a fire hook. Of course, we use our tandoor not only for tandoori roti, but so for grill and other specialties that make our Indian restaurant in Berlin so popular

Special dough

What makes Chapati special is its Dough. Here, the flour is mixed with water and many cases so clarified butter (ghee) or oil and salt are used. Important is that the dough should sit for a while, and then rolled and baked.

Can be combined in a variety of ways

One can enjoy the Indian chapatis with a variety of combinations with other dishes. If you’ve never tried this delicious bread, you should enjoy the taste of it. Chapati can also be combined with almost every dish of Indian cuisine and so on in Raita (one with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and coriander refined yoghurt) or a tasty piquant mango chutney is highly desirable. Our tip: order Chapati already as appetizers and use the bread as a companion for the whole serving sequence.

If you’ve never tried this delicious bread, you should enjoy the taste of it.

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