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How can you use the free wireless internet ?.

Vedis Free WIFI

With the free and, above all, unlimited internet access, we create a great opportunity for you to make your visit to
Vedi’s Restaurant effective and individual. One can Essen or enjoy drinking his favorite cocktail and casually surf the Internet, check their e-mails or work online or with remote Skype..

How can you use the free wireless internet?
If the WLAN-enabled device such as a notebook or smartphone is switched on and ready to receive, the corresponding hotspot (Vedi’s guest) is automatically recognized. When a website is called up for the first time, the WLAN router redirects to the Vedi’s Facebook page. You now have to log in to Facebook, check in at Vedi’s Indian Restaurant and off you go! After you have successfully checked in to our Facebook page, you can surf as normal.