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When you enter our Indian restaurant in Berlin or our Indian Catering , on the menu you will often find the term “Tandoori”. This is by no means a special dish, an ingredient or a spice, but a traditional preparation. Tandoori or Tandoor is the English spelling for the word Tandur. Tandur is basically on…

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Prenzlauer Berg

The Vedis restaurant is located in Prenzlauer Berg, specifically in the Schönhauser Allee 142. Directly on Eberswalder Straße Ubahn station. Dine with us at the epicenter of one of the liveliest districts of Berlin. Our Indian cuisine or Indian catering in Berlin is mixed with a dash of urban flair. Bon appétit! THE PRENZLAUERBERG Every resident…

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Tikka (Chicken Tikka Masala)

When you visit our Indian restaurant in Berlin , or opt for our Indian catering , you want to “stumble” over and over again on the concept Tikka. On our menucard we hardly find much space, so we have to limit the explanation of chicken tikka masala as the clay-oven ( Tandoor ) grilled chicken…

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Christmas in Berlin

Lets admit it – the classic Christmas dinner at home or in some places includes potato salad and sausages or a raclette. But how would you like to experience this years Christmas in Berlin differently? and enjoy the Christmas menu at Vedis Restaurant? Of course we take the festive occasion into account and prepare a…

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